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When receiving cases during the adoption process, there are two stories that unfold.

One story is about the birth mom’s desire for her unborn child… and the second story is her own.

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 A similar theme connected all of these stories, the desire to make the best decision for all involved. This includes the birth parents, who are making the most selfless decision likely in their lives.

The Giving Jean strives to recognize these birth parents and meet them where they are at in life and aid in supporting them in ways that are meaningful and impactful to their individual and unique situations.  

From food to furniture-- we strive to gift birth families with items they need

Clothes, beds, cleaning supplies, gas cards and everything in between.  TGJ makes each giving situation unique to the birth family and their individual needs to feel secure and confident in their living situations and their path forward

Support looks and feels different to everyone… 

TGJ is committed to working with adoption agencies and social workers that share with us what is needed most in these individuals lives to move upward and gain stability in their future.

who's behind this

A collaborative group of individuals who have been touched by adoption one way or another and have a heart for the birth families and their unique stories

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